Through the narrator’s eyes these vast wholesale malls are a bewildering space of cultural collision and exchange, of copies and fakes, dreams and paranoia. Based on interviews with investigators and lawyers working on the front line of anti-counterfeiting in China today, GZ Calling (2017) is the first iteration of the film and research project, The Qilin.


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GZ Calling (with David Lale)


A 3-channel video installation that explores the labyrinthine world-within-a-world of African migrant traders working in the export markets of Guangzhou – the new capital of South-South trade, and the nexus of emergent 21st Century global capitalism.

GZ Calling (2017) approaches this tangled China-Africa relationship from the embedded perspective of a private investigator surveilling the export markets of Guangzhou. The installation envisages a world in which the supply and demand of counterfeit goods has grown to rival Western brand-name capitalism.